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"I have to admit, I took a risk scheduling a clown I had only heard of, but the reward was worth it. Your show was wonderful! You engaged the entire crowd, regardless of their age or language barrier!"

Mrs. Ramos


"People will be talking about your show for a long time. It was the best party we've ever had, and we've had plenty. You were spectacular and people laughed harder than they had in years. Thanks!"

Russ Heyman


"I've seen a lot of solo acts, but never one who infused so much energy, happiness, laughter and good feeling into everyone present, even those of us who like to hide in the back. I hope to see him again and again!"

Girl Scout Leader


"Thank you for your wonderful performance. Your talents and enthusiasm shone through! The children obviously had a good time considering all of the laughing and jumping around they did! You kept the fun moving and the jokes flying so well that even the adults in the room found themselves caught up in the antics!"

Janet, New City Library

"You made my son's birthday so very memorable. It was a treat to see his face as you made him laugh and it reminded me how fun it is to be a kid again."

Erika, parent

"You must know that you are a walking Disneyland - the kids have so much fun, and your innuendo keeps adults coming back for more. You melt all the cares away and open wide that little window people allow themselves to look out of when it's a setting with many new faces."
Jan Brunkhorst, Beautiful People 

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You were a HIT, as I knew you would be! Every age kiddie LOVED you and the older kiddies did, too. (meaning the Mommys and Daddys & Grandpas and Grandmas)"
Renae P.